Ellipsometry is a sensitive optical technique for the characterization of surfaces and thin film layers. It measures the change of polarization state upon reflection from a surface, and this change carries information about the surface’s properties. Ellipsometry is used to gather information about layer thickness, refractive index and absorption. Accurions imaging ellipsometry uses a combination of auto nulling ellipsometry and microscopy to enable surface characterization with lateral resolutions as small as 1 µm. ST Instruments can supply you this equipment. With our complementary range of products we help scientific researchers and high tech companies with surface analysis and measurement needs, including ellipsometry.

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Ellipsometry for thickness measurements

Our products from Accurion cover three types of products; imaging ellipsometry, referenced spectroscopic ellipsometry and Brewster angle microscopy. Imaging ellipsometry overcomes the limits of classical ellipsometry and results in high contrast images from the surface with high resolution. Referenced spectroscopic ellipsometry is a new ultrafast thickness mapping system for coated surfaces. Brewster angle microscopy is an imaging technique for the investigation of ultra-thin films, such as monolayers at the air-water interface and Langmuir-Blotgett films on solid substrates. Would you like some more information about our products? Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us by calling +31-(0)184-640000.