Nanoindentation instrumentation precisely measures the mechanical properties of thin-films, coatings or substrates. This technique is mainly used for the measurement of hardness and elastic modulus but also for the measurement of other mechanical parameters such as; creep, fatigue and stress. ST Instruments is responsible for the distribution of mechanical testing equipment from Anton Paar in Sweden and Finland. Our complementary range of products is used by high tech companies and scientific researchers. This extensive product range together with our excellent level of service makes us your trusted partner for surface analysis technology.

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Nanoindentation: Direct measurements of Hardness and Elastic Modulus

Our nanoindentation testers from Anton Paar  cover a wide range of forces (nano-, micro- and macro-indentation) and are the most versatile and applicable solutions on the market. The systems feature the unique top-surface referencing technique for the most quantitative results.

Applications for mechanical testing

Mechanical testing like nanoindentation can be used for several applications, such as coatings, materials science, polymers and plastics. We can provide you with more information about the possibilities of nanoindentation. Please, contact us +31-(0)184-640000 if you would like receive additional information on nanoindentation.