16 mei Sensofar: new High Dynamic Range (HDR) acquisition mode

Terrassa | May 16, 2018

Sensofar has introduced the new High Dynamic Range (HDR) acquisition mode in Focus Variation. This new feature allows you to measure samples containing very bright to extreme shade areas. This is achieved by capturing and then combining several different, narrower range, exposures of the same surface. Otherwise, measurement fails either on bright or dark areas resulting in many non-measured points.

HDR features the best system performance for micromanufacturing (EDM, milling, laser, additive manufacturing, etc.), medtech (dental implants), tooling and forensics markets and applications.

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S neox

Non-invasive measurement of micro- and nanogeometries with multiple optical technologies

S lynx

A compact and versatile non-contact 3D surface profiler


S onix

High-speed in-line metrology solution

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