Basics of Piezoelectric Force Microscopy (PFM)

Dr. Christina Newcomb, Park Systems

Dr. Newcomb, Applications Scientist at Park Systems, explains the basics of Piezo Force Microscopy (PFM), common uses of the technique, and even a breakdown of an actual PFM study on the properties of multilayer ceramic capacitors. PFM is a novel AFM mode which has gained recognition for the unique information it can offer on the electromechanical coupling characteristics of various ferroelectric, piezoelectric, polymer, and biological materials.


Webinar Topics:

♦   Introduction to Piezo Force Microscopy

♦   PFM study on the properties of multilayer ceramic capacitors

Application: PFM study on the properties of multilayer ceramic capacitors

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Anasys-10nm resolution chemical imaging with Tapping AFM-IR

Dr. Craig Prater, Anasys Instruments

Dr. Prater discusses the latest advancements in AFM-IR based nanoscale IR spectroscopy, enabling 10nm spatial resolution for chemical imaging. This can be achieved with the introduction of Tapping AFM-IR which achieves spatial resolutions of 10nm and below.

Webinar Topics:

♦   10nm resolution with Tapping AFM-IR and how it works

♦   FASTspectra™ high speed nanoIR spectroscopy

♦   Latest AFM-IR advancements

Application: Polymers, life sciences, materials

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In-Air and In-Liquid AFM Imaging with PinPoint Nanomechanical Mode

Dr. Mina Hong, Park Systems

Learn more about one of the new nanoscale characterization innovations of Park Systems: In-Air and In-Liquid AFM Imaging with PinPoint Nanomechanical Mode. The webinar is specifically focused on the characterization, composition and mechanical properties of collagen fibrils.

Webinar Topics:

♦   Collagen fibrils

♦   PinPoint Nanomechanical Mode

Application: Collagen fibrils

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Anasys-Nano-bio-spectroscopy of nanodiamond toxicity: Case-study in 2D and 3D liver models

wojtek-chrzanowski-Prof. Wojciech Chrzanowski, University of Sydney

”The nanoIR allowed us to look at the interface at the nano scale and see what really happens”. Kevin Kjoller (Anasys Instruments) and Wojciech Chrzanowski (University of Sydney), will discuss pharmaceutical and life sciences applications of nanoscale IR spectroscopy.

Webinar Topics:

♦   Pharmaceutical studies of biointerfaces from University of Sydney, including protein conformation changes as a result of nanodiamond toxicity

♦   The new nanoIR2-FS with FASTSpectra™ technology, delivering high resolution, high speed nanoscale IR spectroscopy and chemical imaging

Application: Life Sciences


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The Nanoscience of Drilling Fluids

Prof. Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University

Join the series of lectures featuring materials science expert professor Advincula. With considerable experience in the design, synthesis and characterization of new polymers and nanoscale materials, Prof. Advincula shares the latest developments in nanomaterials research in a variety of applications and fields.

Webinar Topics:

♦   Application of nanoscience to enhance drilling fluid performance

Application: Nanoscience

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Detect edge chipping & optimize cutting edges

Christian Janko, Alicona

In the upcoming free webinar of Alicona they present you the new features for automatic measurement and optimization of cutting edges. Christian Janko, of Alicona, is going to demonstrate you the newest features for automatic cutting-edge measurement.

Webinar Topics:

♦   Measurement of angles

♦   Fully automatic chipping measurement

♦   Tool roughness measurement

♦   MultiEdgeMeasurement

Application: Cutting-edge measurement

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