The RAMANforce performs confocal laser scanning microscopy and spectroscopic analysis. With a newly designed spectrograph and the latest optical technologies, RAMANforce’s spatial resolution and sensitivity have been highly improved. This makes it the optimal solution for a wide variety of applications.


ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   The highest resolution at every objectives

♦   Even faster ultra-fast Raman imaging

♦   Newly designed robust body structure decreases stage drift


♦   Multi-layer polymer films

♦   Stress distribution in silicon substrate

About Nanophoton

Since 2003, Nanophoton has been manufacturing laser microscope instruments for worldwide laboratories and industries. Nanophoton stands for high performance analytical- and imaging instruments with a major focus on innovative Raman systems by using most advanced photonics technology.

Why Nanophoton?

♦   Strong focus on disruptive technologies

♦   Excellent technological and R&D background

♦   Always in the front line of the most recent

   scientific developments

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