The RAMANview broadens the view of traditional Raman imaging instruments. The system features ultra-wide field of view, deeper depth of focus, and longer working distance. This clears the way for new experiments and samples with Raman imaging, particularly when you’re dealing with fast screening applications.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Larger field of view

♦   Deeper depth of focus

♦   Longer working distance


♦   Pharmaceutical tablet

♦   Crystallinity of a plastic molding

♦   Polymorphism of SIC

About Nanophoton

Since 2003, Nanophoton has been manufacturing laser microscope instruments for worldwide laboratories and industries. Nanophoton stands for high performance analytical- and imaging instruments with a major focus on innovative Raman systems by using most advanced photonics technology.

Why Nanophoton?

♦   Strong focus on disruptive technologies

♦   Excellent technological and R&D background

♦   Always in the front line of the most recent

♦   scientific developments

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