X-Tool Automated XPS Scanning Microprobe

X-Tool Automated XPS Scanning Microprobe

The X-Tool is an easy-to-use XPS microscope with the purpose of making XPS analysis accessible to a broader audience. Extensive training is redundant, due to the fact that sample loading, analysis and report generation is fully automated. Analysis capabilities include small and large area spectroscopy, XPS mapping and sputter depth profiling. Flexibility is assured by giving you both an automatic and interactive mode of operation.

X-Tool Automated XPS Scanning Microprobe

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   PHI’s scanning XPS Microprobe technology

♦   Automatic analysis and report generation

♦   Revolutionary ease of use


♦   Identifying stains on packaging materials

♦   Automated QC analysis silicone detection

♦   Determining solder balls surface chemistry

About Physical Electronics

Since 1969, Physical Electronics (PHI) has been providing UHV surface analysis instrumentation, which is used for research and development of advanced materials. What started with a sole focus on Auger surface analysis instruments, later expanded to technologies like XPS and TOF-SIMS to address a growing range of applications.

Why Physical Electronics?

♦   Unique tools

♦   Helps enabling next generation technologies

♦   More than decades of experience

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