MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments launches new entry-level multi-function tribometer

MFT-2000 Rtec Instruments launches new entry-level multi-function tribometer

Groot-Ammers  | November 30, 2020

Another exciting new member of the MFT tribometer family designed by our partner Rtec Instruments. The Multi Function Tribometer MFT-2000 features a compact and modular benchtop setup, accessible for all budgets. Depending on your application and requirements, the system can be configured with several modules, load sensors and environmental control chambers.

The unique option to integrate the 3D Profilometer, enables a full automated system for tribology, scratch and indentation measurements. Interchangeable lower modules offer the flexibility switching between rotary and linear reciprocating. Motorized XY stages (150×150 mm) with high resolution positioning encoders can be used to move your specimen automatically to the 3D profiler for analysis of wear volume, scratch cracks, indentations or topography.

During the test, the applied normal load is controlled by electro servo drives. The high precision load sensors with negligible thermal drift provide accurate and reliable friction data. A powerful set of software comes standard with all instruments for dynamic control, post analysis of your data and image analysis.

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