New Potentiostat: Bio-Logic VSP-3e

Groot-Ammers | February 3rd, 2020

The Latest Potentiostat/Galvanostat to be added to the Bio-Logic product line, the VSP-3e. As part of the Essential range, the VSP-3e has all the high-end specifications of the VSP and the VMP3, but has the ability to go to higher powers. This makes the VSP-3e even more suitable for energy and EIS experiments.


The VSP-3e has space to allocate up to 8 channels, which gives the instrument the flexibility to meet the demands of researchers and R&D specialists. Furthermore, with +/- 1A (expandable up to 800A with boosters), Ethernet LAN for improved multiple user/PC connectivity and built-in EIS, the VSP-3e is especially suited to battery research applications.

Quality Indicators

The new 1A board for the VSP-3e will enable users to work with the BioLogic Quality Indicators. These Quality Indicators are helping you to validate your EIS measurements and maintain the quality of your research.

Key Features of the VSP-3e

  • 1 A maximum current on all channels
  • Up to 1MHz EIS measurements
  • EIS Quality Indicators
  • Multi-electrode configuration



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