Physical Electronics launches new Scanning XPS Microprobe, PHI VersaProbe 4

Groot-Ammers  | November 17th, 2021

We are excited to announce the 4th Generation of the Scanning XPS Microprobe from Physical Electronics, the PHI VersaProbe 4.


Improved spectroscopic performance

  • High sensitivity in small and large area analysis using micro-focused, scanning X-ray source


NEW Large area imaging and mapping

  • X-ray induced Secondary Electron Imaging (SXI) for large area navigation
  • Large area chemical mapping


High performance depth profiling

  • Multiple ion gun options for a variety of organic, inorganic, and mixed materials
  • Advanced software for thin film structure analysis


Reliable automation and remote operation

  • Highly configurable queuing system for automated unattended analysis and maximum efficiency
  • Fully remote operation and advanced remote diagnostics


Environmentally friendly modern configuration

  • Efficient power consumption, faster pump-down and ergonomic design


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