Rtec Instruments launches new cost-effective benchtop tribometer

Rtec Instruments launches new cost-effective benchtop tribometer

Groot-Ammers  | September 10, 2020

ST Instruments is proud to announce the launch of the MFT-3000 benchtop tribometer from Rtec Instruments. The compact and robust platform provides a cost-effective solution for your tribological testing needs.

The patented dual force capacitor sensors in combination with the stiff design, offers an excellent performance without the need for specific facility requirements. Exchangeable temperature modules varying from -50°C to 1000°C and the open-access operating software, allows for customized test sequences and fully automated test runs.

With the patented dual force sensor technology, measuring simultaneously normal load and friction force, the MFT-3000 generates friction tests from 1 mN up to 3000N. Due to the high resolution capacitive sensors, in combination with variable speeds and environmental control, many tribological applications can now be performed from your desk.

A benchtop tribometer like no other!


A) Platform: Rigid heavy duty construction design to conduct tribology tests on a benchtop setup

B) Environmental control: Wide temperature range (-50°C to 1000°C), humidity (5% – 95% RH),                               tribocorrosion and many more chambers are available on the same platform

C) Lower interchangeable test module: Fast exchangeable modules for rotation and linear reciprocating

D) Dual force sensor: Dual simultaneous mounted patented range sensors from 1mN to 3000N

E) X-stage: High precision X-stage with 150mm travel

F) Data acquisition, motion controller: Advanced high-speed, low-noise, multiple channel, fast feedback            and up to 200kH data acquisition

The Rtec Instrument MFT-3000 is fully customizable according to your needs.

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