FS8500 – Freeze Substitution System

Today, many labs run cryo workflows and sample processing under cryo conditions. These often yield superior structural morphology and improved immunolabelling over routine resin embedding.


The FS8500 Freeze Substitution System can be used for the PLT technique (Progressive Lowering of Temperature) which does not require high pressure freezing and is a relatively inexpensive route into cryo preparation. It can, of course, be used in conjunction with a high pressure freezer. After which, processing can begin at minus 140°C, rising to minus 30°C for polymerization with the built in LED UV polymerization system, or to room temperature for embedding in other resins.

FS8500 - Freeze Substitution System

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦  Large volume, easy access, top loading, temperature controlled

    substitution chamber

♦  Computer controller allows for reliable and repeatable results with

    unlimited protocols and reports storage

♦  Temperature Range -140°C to +50°C


♦   Biological Samples

♦   Pathology

♦   Life Sciences

About RMC Boeckeler

Boeckeler Instruments Inc. engineers sample preparation equipment for nanoscale research, under the RMC Boeckeler brand. Their solutions are employed in the advancement of a broad range of areas, with special emphasis in sample preparation for 3D electron microscopy solutions.

Why RMC Boeckeler?

♦   High Precision

♦   Robust; built for high workload

♦   Easily Upgradable

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