PTPC PowerTome PC

PTPC – PowerTome PC

The PowerTome PC features an all-in-one computer controller with a slim design 21.5″ touch screen control monitor, including wireless mouse & keyboard, interconnect cables & accessories.


All control functions can be activated by touching the control monitor screen, or by mouse, while maintaining use of the tactile digital controller. The color monitor displays a bright and user friendly control interface with intuitive control icons logically arranged around the video display.


Advancing Ultramicrotomy to the next level!

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   High Quality semi- and ultra-thin sections

♦   Hybride Control System with Vusitrac™ cutting zone control

♦   Built-in report generator, database, diagnostic routines for automatic      documentation of sectioning parameters. 


♦   Materials Science

♦   Cell Biology

♦   Life Sciences


About RMC Boeckeler

Boeckeler Instruments Inc. engineers sample preparation equipment for nanoscale research, under the RMC Boeckeler brand. Their solutions are employed in the advancement of a broad range of areas, with special emphasis in sample preparation for 3D electron microscopy solutions.

Why RMC Boeckeler?

♦   High Precision

♦   Robust; built for high workload

♦   Easily Upgradable

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