PTXL PowerTome XL

PTXL – PowerTome XL

The PowerTomeXL is the routine workhorse in the RMC Boeckeler PowerTome series.  The PTXL is controlled via a digital tactile controller, eminently suitable for routine work. The PowerTome is capable of accommodating glass knives up to 12mm wide, triangular tungsten carbide knives, and any commercial brand of diamond knife.


The PowerTome is the only fully upgradable ultramicrotome which can be built up to the PTPCZ research level system with computer control and HD video options.


Precision & Performance For The Efficient EM Lab

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   High Quality semi- and ultra-thin sections

♦   Unique lateral viewing camera

♦   Includes digital tactile controller


♦   Materials Science

♦   Life Sciences

♦   Forensic Sciences

About RMC Boeckeler

Boeckeler Instruments Inc. engineers sample preparation equipment for nanoscale research, under the RMC Boeckeler brand. Their solutions are employed in the advancement of a broad range of areas, with special emphasis in sample preparation for 3D electron microscopy solutions.

Why RMC Boeckeler?

♦   High Precision

♦   Robust; built for high workload

♦   Easily Upgradable

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