Regulus Series

Regulus Series 

The Regulus Series features resolutions down to 0.9 nm in the Regulus 8220/8230/8240 models and 1.1 nm in the Regulus 8100 model. This is an improvement of roughly 20% in resolution at 1 kV landing voltage compared to previous models. The Regulus Series employs a novel cold-field-emission (CFE) gun, optimized for high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages. This CFE gun makes it possible to magnify high-resolution images up to 2 million times, which doubles the magnification ability compared to previous models. User-support functions have also been enhanced so that the advanced performance of the series can be fully leveraged.

Regulus Series

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Cold field emission (CFE) gun optimized for low-voltage, high-resolution imaging

♦   Resolution improved by 20% compared to previous models

♦   Maximum magnification doubled to 2 million times


♦   Semiconductors

♦   Catalysts

♦   Graphene

About Hitachi

Hitachi High-Tech Europe GmbH, created in 2001 and part of the worldwide conglomerate Hitachi Group, provides a wide variety of scientific instruments. Their innovative R&D approach enables them to provide world-class solutions in the fields of materials sciences, life sciences and semiconductor.

Why Hitachi?

♦   Key player in the market of Electron Microscopes

♦   Creative, leading-edge technology

♦   Complementary product range

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