Thickness Measurements

Thickness Measurements

Thickness measurements are used to determine film thickness and refractive index of polymers, semiconductors, thin film metals and many more. This widespread use is explained by increased dependence on thin films in many areas and the flexibility to measure most material types.

Spectral Reflectance


F20-series♦   Single-Spot Measurements / Tabletop systems for measuring film thickness and refractive index

   Microscopic-Spot Measurements / Used when a measurement spot as small as 1µm is required

♦   Automated Mapping Systems / Fully-automatic mapping of thickness and index for nearly any sample shape

♦   Inline Monitoring / Monitor and control thickness of moving films during production

Imaging Ellipsometry


EP4SW♦  Brewster Angle Microscope / Imaging technique for the investigation of ultra-thin films

♦  Imaging Ellipsometer / Measuring and imaging film thickness and optical properties

♦  Referenced Spectroscopic Ellipsometer / For analyzing films, layers and surfaces