Brewster Angle Microscope

Brewster Angle Microscopy is an imaging technique for the investigation of ultra-thin films, such as monolayers at the air-water interface and Langmuir-Blodgett films on solid substrates. It allows you to display real-time images of your sample on screen, with useful image processing tools. Besides that, it’s fully computer-controlled, easy to use and it can be upgraded to an imaging ellipsometer.

Brewster Angle Microscope

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Overall focused images in real time

♦   Lateral resolution down to 1 micron

♦   Adsorption kinetics or thickness variations can be monitored


♦   Self assembling monolayers

♦   Langmuir-Blodgett

♦   Bio Science

About Accurion

Accurion provides high-end and reliable state-of-the-art technology in two product lines: Imaging Ellipsometry and Active Vibration Isolation. Nanofilm has been the leader in Brewster Angle Microscopy and Imaging Ellipsometry since 1991. Halcyonics was founded in 1996 as specialist in Active Vibration Isolation. The existing product brands Nanofilm and Halcyonics are continued as product divisions of Accurion.

Why Accurion?

♦   Leading in Imaging Ellipsometry and BAM

♦   Solutions for any thin-film measurement

♦   Large range of active vibration isolation solutions

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