WEBINAR | Comprehensive Coating Mechanical Property Characterization

WEBINAR | Comprehensive Coating Mechanical Property Characterization

Groot-Ammers | November 16th, 2020


Join the webinar from our partner Rtec Instruments to learn more about comprehensive coating characterization.

📆 Wednesday, 9th of December

🕔 15:00 (CET) 


Coatings and thin films are deposited in order to improve the tribological, mechanical and functional performances of surfaces in various applications. Coatings are used everywhere spanning from cutting tools to medical devices, optics, semi-conductors, consumer goods and other industrial machine parts.

Coatings can be based on polymers, ceramics, metals, composites or advanced combined microstructures, ranging from nanometer level up to tens of micrometers. They are aimed to improve the wear resistance, reduce the friction and corrosion, or enhance the cosmetics appearances among other things.

Properties such as hardness, adhesion, cohesion, mar resistance, elastic modulus, friction, roughness, durability, perception, haptics and touch are of the utmost importance and must be characterized with high accuracy, reliability and reproducibility.

Several of these properties are interrelated and many standards and testing methods are required to cover above properties.

The UST-2 and MFT-5000 are multi-functional platforms to characterize several mechanical and tribological properties of coatings. The unique combination of multiple measuring and in-line imaging techniques makes the Rtec Instruments platform the most powerful instrument in coating characterization.

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