In some research and development environments, every nanometer and every atom layer counts. Surface analysis, nanotechnology and life sciences are concerned with a world only the most technologically advanced equipment can unveil. ST Instruments has been supplying this equipment to scientific researchers and high tech companies for over a decade. We are the link between the latest technological innovations and your customer experience.


ST Instruments carries a complementary range of products, covering every aspect of surface analysis. This allows us to offer our customers a single purpose solution or an integrated solution for a multidisciplinary approach. Our extensive product range combined with our excellent level of service makes us your trusted partner for surface analysis technology.

‘I regularly visit customers to do maintenance work myself. I’m a trained technician and I don’t want to be too far from my core business. It’s also a great way to connect with customers on a different, deeper level. It’s our job to make their job as easy as we possibly can.’

Ries de Leeuw
Managing Director ST Instruments

Prompt service, every time

At ST Instruments we believe our products matter, but our customers matter more. Apart from a complementary range of products, customer care is our main strength. Our clients can rely on our skilled engineers for training, troubleshooting and maintenance. We also operate our equipment in our demo lab for contract research and demonstration purposes. Our proximity to our market ensures prompt service, every time.

In short we offer:

♦   A complementary range of products

♦   Training, troubleshooting and maintenance

♦   Contract research and demonstrations in our own test lab