X-ray Computed Tomography

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is a versatile imaging technique widely employed in various fields beyond medicine. It functions by utilizing X-rays to capture numerous cross-sectional slices of an object or material, which are then reconstructed into a three-dimensional image through computer processing. In industrial applications, CT plays a crucial role in non-destructive testing and quality control. It is used to inspect and analyze the internal structures and components of objects, including aerospace components, automotive parts, electronics, and even geological samples. This technology helps identify defects, ensure the integrity of materials, and assess the performance of industrial products. Additionally, CT is instrumental in archaeological research, allowing researchers to explore and preserve historical artifacts without physical damage. Its adaptability and precision make X-ray CT a valuable tool in diverse industries.

X-Ray Micro-CT

Neoscan MicroCT Benchtop Systems

♦   Compact benchtop instruments

♦   All-in-one software for scanner control and data processing


RX Solutions MicroCT Cabinet Systems

♦   Open, flexible instruments for academic applications

♦   Large-size scanning volumes

RX Solution micro CT EasyTom

RX Solutions Cabinet Systems

♦   Highest resolution nano CT systems

♦   Industrial setup with large scanning volume and compact footprint