At ST Instruments, we realize that technology is only half the story. Care-free, easy use of the equipment over many years is just as important. That’s why we adhere to a high standard of service and support.


ST Instruments has more to offer than just a complementary range of products. A comprehensive team of excellently trained service engineers will provide rapid and reliable assistance in case you require any help.


We offer a broad range of services and our engineers are happy to provide support for:

♦   Calibration and validation

♦   Commissioning and installation

♦   On-site troubleshooting

♦   Remote diagnostics

♦   Preventive maintenance plans

♦   Consumables

♦   Expert application guidance

♦   Training

♦   Facility requirements

♦   Site survey

♦   Relocation service

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Plans (PMP) are intended to keep your product running at its top performance. We understand that maintenance levels vary by specific needs and budget. Therefore, different preventive maintenance plans are available to accommodate all user specific wishes. Maintenance plans range from Ultimate Plans which leave no excuse for equipment failure, downtime and associated costs, to a Basic Plan with phone support, remote support and an annual maintenance visit. PMP customers receive top priority for service requests.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Plans

Consistent quality and performance

Consistent quality and performance

Regular maintenance and system evaluation ensures that the conditions surrounding your sample are constant and reliable.

Reduction of costs

Reduction of costs

Maintained equipment is more efficient in its consumable usage and analysis output resulting in lower costs and consistent analysis time.

Maximizing uptime

Maximizing uptime

Regularly scheduled maintenance allows for a more organized, planned service environment minimizing equipment failure, costly repairs and business loss due to analysis interruptions.

Reliability and experience

Reliability and experience

Every ST Instruments service employee is educated and certified to perform repairs and maintenance to extend the life and performance of your equipment.