20 Jan 3rd NanoScientific Forum Europe on September 23-25, 2020 to be held at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Groot-Ammers | January 20th, 2020
NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE 2020) will be hosted by Prof. Kim McKelvey, School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin, and by Prof. Brian Rodriguez, School of Physics at University College Dublin. The event is co-hosted and supported by AMBER, Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research Centre Dublin.
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09 Jan Webinar: Ion gun Options and Capabilities on Physical Electronics XPS Systems

Groot-Ammers | January 9th, 2020
On Thursday, January 16th, at 10:00 AM (Chicago), Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, Staff Scientist at Physical Electronics will organize a webinar 'Ion gun Options and Capabilities on Physical Electronics XPS Systems'. XPS analysis typically provides elemental and chemical state information from the top few nanometers of a material surface. However, many materials of interest have buried layers and interfaces that are deeper than this surface region. Non-destructive methods of probing deeper into a sample, such as using alternative X-ray sources with different photon energies and subsequent photoelectron escape depths, or changing the sample-analyzer angle for angle-dependent analysis, have depth limitations. An alternative method is to use an ion beam to sputter away surface layers and expose fresh surfaces in deeper layers for analysis.
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31 Oct Join our MIRAGE workshop on November 20, 2019

Groot-Ammers  | October 31, 2019
We are organizing a 1-day workshop: A World first: Simultaneous submicron IR and Raman Microscopy Wednesday, November 20 - 9:15am-16:00pm CET Venue: Gele Kegels Meeting Center Eindhoven, Kennedyplein 1-5, 5611 ZS Eindhoven  
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07 Oct Tribology Days 2019

Groot-Ammers  | Oktober 7, 2019
Visit us at Tribology Days 2019, a Swedish tribology conference organized by Luleå University of Technology. This two day conference is held in Kista (Stockholm) on Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th November, 2019. Tribodays are held every autumn and is a meeting open for people from industry, institutes and academia and everybody who have interest in tribology. ST Instruments will be present to discuss your tribology testing needs and the solutions we provide from Rtec Instruments. The conference will be held in Kista at Swerim AB, Isafjordsgatan 28A, 164 40 Kista, Sweden.
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