Krefeld | July 9, 2018
On Thursday, July 19th, 2018 (2.00PM EDT), Hitachi High-Technologies will be hosting a webinar titled “SEM Surface Analysis Made Easy”, presented by Eric Miller.  This webinar will show the automatic collection of data from the SEM to the easy analysis of the surface information using Hitachi map 3D. If you have any interest in surface analysis, from amazing 3D stereo videos of your samples surface, to surface roughness and to pore size and volume analysis, attend our webinar to see Hitachi map 3D in action. Registration is required.

Krefeld | July 4, 2018
"In situ observation of electrocatalysis under gas atmosphere using a multiple gas injection system of FE-TEM" Fuel cell electrode catalyst was observed with SEM and ADF-STEM at 200℃ while introducing O2 and H2 gas. While O2 gas facilitated Pt particles coarsening and made carbon support particles porous, H2 gas did not bring significant change. SEM and ADF-STEM visualized the surface alteration of carbon support particles and the aggregation of Pt particles respectively. 

Free Magazine  | June, 2018
The spring edition of the free NANOscientific Magazine is available. NANOscientific includes the latest advancements in the field of Nanoscience and technology across a wide range of multidisciplinary areas of research. This edition includes:

Groot-Ammers  | May 31, 2018
The conference will focus on both the fundamental and applied aspects of friction, wear and lubrication, at all scales. NORDTRIB 2018 will be held in the University Main Building in Uppsala (Sweden) from June 18th – 21st, 2018. On Wednesday June 20th, Philippe Kempe (Anton Paar TriTec) is giving a scientific talk with title: Combined High Vacuum & High Temperature Tribometer with in-situ wear or Raman measurement.” Download the preliminary program here