28 aug Fast, Non-Contact, Wafer-Scale, Atomic Layer Resolved Imaging of 2D Materials by Ellipsometric Contrast Micrography

Groot-Ammers | August 28, 2018
Adequate characterisation and quality control of atomically thin layered materials (2DM) has become a serious challenge particularly given the rapid advancements in their large area manufacturing and numerous emerging industrial applications with different substrate requirements. Here, we focus on ellipsometric contrast micrography (ECM), a fast intensity mode within spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry, and show that it can be effectively used for non-contact, large area characterisation of 2DM to map coverage, layer number, defects and contamination.
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27 aug NANOscientific Magazine 2018, Fall

Free Magazine  | August, 2018
The fall edition of NANOscientific Magazine is available. NANOscientific includes the latest advancements in the field of Nanoscience and technology across a wide range of multidisciplinary areas of research. This edition includes:
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21 aug Sensofar: Full 3D Measurement Solution, S NEOX Five Axis

Terrassa | August 21, 2018
Sensofar Metrology has announced a new addition to their high-end non-contact 3D surface metrology systems, the »Five Axis«. The new 3D optical profiler combines a high-accuracy rotational module and a high-resolution translation platform, together with advanced inspection and analysis capabilities. This enables automated 3D surface measurements at defined positions (perspectives) that combine to create full 3D volumetric measurements – ideal for micromachining, additive manufacturing, tooling and medical technology applications.
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