Thin Film Measurement

Thin Film Measurements

Very thin layers of material that are deposited on the surface of another material (thin films) are extremely important to many technology-based industries. Thin
films are widely used, for example, to provide passivation, insulating layers between conductors, diffusion barriers, and hardness coatings for scratch and wear resistance. The fabrication of integrated circuits consists primarily of the deposition and selective removal of a series of thin films. This widespread use is explained by increased dependence on thin films in many areas and the flexibility to measure most material types.


Filmetrics offers a range of spectral reflectance and ellipsometry instruments that perform very quick and reliable thin film measurements

Single-Spot Thickness Measurements
Tabletop systems for measuring film thickness and refractive index


♦   F20 | General-purpose film thickness measurement instruments
♦   F10-ARc | Anti-Reflection Coating Measurements
♦   F10-HC | Measure Thickness of Single- and Multi-Layer Hardcoat
♦   F10-AR | Anti-Reflection Coating Measurements
♦   F10-RT | Measure Reflectance and Transmittance
♦   F3-CS
| Measure Small Witness or Coupon Samples
♦   F3-sX | Spectral Reflectometers for Measuring Very Thick Layers

Microscopic-Spot Thickness Measurements
Used when a measurement spot as small as 1 µm is required

♦   F40
| Microscope-based Film Thickness Measurements

Automated Mapping Systems
Fully-automatic mapping of thickness and index for nearly any sample shape

♦   F60-t | Automated Thin Film Thickness Mapper
♦   F54-XY-200 | Automated Thin Film Thickness Mapper
♦   F54 | Automated Thin Film Thickness Mapper
♦   F50 | Thin Film Thickness Mapper

Inline Thickness Monitoring
Monitor and control thickness of moving films during production

♦   F32 | Compact Solution for In-line measurements
♦   F30 | Most Powerful Tool for Monitoring Thin-Film Deposition