Vibration Control

Vibration is undesirable in many measurement methods. Active vibration isolation involves sensors and actuators that cancel out incoming vibrations to prevent the transfer of vibrations to such systems. In today’s world of nanotechnology, optimal vibration isolation is absolutely essential for creating and analyzing very small structures. Therefore, our vibration isolation systems are the most effective solution to isolate your high-resolution measurement equipment from disturbing vibrations.


♦   Nano Series | Compact high-performance isolators for small to mid-size applications

♦   i4 Series | High-performance isolators for small to mid-size applications

♦   Vario Series | Modular active isolation elements for flexible use and a variety of loads

♦   Workstation Series | Ergonomic laboratory tables with integrated active isolation system

♦   Heavy Load Isolation Solutions | Vibration isolation of heavy equipment weighing more than 600kg

♦   Acoustic Enclosures | Protecting your vibration sensitive instrument from airborne noise