Electron Microscopy

Hitachi High-Technologies, created in 2001 and part of the worldwide conglomerate Hitachi Group, provides a wide variety of scientific instruments. Their innovative R&D approach enables them to provide world-class electron microscopy solutions in the fields of materials sciences, life sciences and semiconductors.


♦    Regulus Series / With cold field emission (CFE) gun optimized for low-voltage, high-resolution imaging

♦    SU9000 / Features the world’s highest SE resolution of 0.4 nm at 30 kV

♦    SU7000 / Characterized by its versatile imaging capacity

♦    SU5000 / With revolutionary computer-assisted EM Wizard technology

♦    SU3800 / VP-SEM with thermionic electron source

♦    SU3900 / VP-SEM with thermionic electron source and large sample chamber

Desktop SEM

♦    TM4000Plus / With a high-sensitivity low-vacuum SE detector

♦    TM4000 / Integrates ease of use, optimized imaging, and high-image quality

♦    FlexSEM 1000 II / Compact variable-pressure SEM with unparalleled image resolution


♦    ETHOS / State-of-the-art imaging performance

♦    NX9000 / Optimal for 3D structural analysis

♦    NX2000 / For high throughput and high quality TEM sample preparation


♦    HT7800 / With multiple lens configurations and automated image stitching

Sample preparation

♦    ArBlade 5000 / Cross-section widths up to 8 mm

♦    IM4000Plus / Dual milling configuration in a single instrument

♦    ZONE II for SEM / Tabletop Specimen Cleaner

♦    ZONETEM / Sample Cleaner