The SU7000 offers fast acquisition of multiple signals to address a variety of SEM needs, from imaging a wide field of view to visualizing sub-nanometer structures. The system simultaneously detects and displays up to six different types of signals. Moreover, it features a wide variety of observation techniques since it is optimized for large specimen sizes, variable pressure conditions, croygenic conditions and in-situ analysis.


ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Versatile imaging capability

♦   Large specimen chamber and large stage

♦   Multi-channel imaging


♦   Large specimen sizes

♦   Life science

♦   Materials science

About Hitachi

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, provides a wide variety of scientific instruments. Their innovative R&D approach enables them to provide world-class solutions in the fields of materials sciences, life sciences, energy storage and semiconductor.

Why Hitachi?

♦   Key player in the market of Electron Microscopes

♦   Creative, leading-edge technology

♦   Complementary product range

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