S neox

Designed as a high-performance 3D optical profiler from the outset, S neox outperforms all existing optical profilers, combining confocal, interferometry and focus variation techniques in the same sensorhead without any moving parts. A full range solution is provided for thin and thick films with the optional spectroscopic reflectometer.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Patented microdisplay technology for fast and stable imaging

♦   Amazing image quality

♦   Huge range of possible applications


♦   Thick and thin films

♦   Precision optics

♦   Semiconductors

About Sensofar

Sensofar Group is a multi-national company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-end metrology tools. The Group also provides consultancy within the field of metrology, and pursues a philosophy of guaranteeing advanced techniques, high quality and customer services.

Why Sensofar?

♦   Multiple technologies in one system

♦   R&D as a goal

♦   Operates at the highest quality standards

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