Auto SE

The Auto SE is a new thin film measurement tool that allows full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operation.

Sample analysis takes only a few seconds and provides a complete report that fully describes the thin film stack – including film thicknesses, optical constants, surface roughness, and film inhomogeneities.

The Auto SE is a highly featured instrument that includes an automatic XYZ stage, real-time imaging of the measurement site and automatic selection of spot size. Many accessories are available to suit a large range of applications.

The Auto SE includes built-in diagnostic indicators for the automatic detection and diagnosis of problems, with comprehensive operator guidance for troubleshooting.

The Auto SE stands out in its ease of use and numerous automatic features that made the Auto SE a turnkey instrument ideal for routine thin film measurement and device quality control.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Thin film analysis made easy with automatic routines

♦   Highly featured system

♦   Sample vision


♦   Semiconductors

♦   Flat panel displays

♦   Photovoltaics Devices

About HORIBA Scientific

HORIBA Scientific offers 200 years of experience in developing high-performance scientific instruments and analytical solutions. It’s a world-leading supplier providing researchers superior products and solutions, supported by a global network of service and application support.

Why Horiba Scientific?

♦   Worldwide leader in analytical solutions

♦   200 years of experience in R&D

♦   Research driven, leading-edge technology

♦   Complementary product range

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