High quality materials research investigates the relationships between the synthesis, processing, structure, properties, and performance of materials that enable an engineering function. It involves relating the desired properties and performance of a specific material in a certain application to the structure of the atoms and phases in that material through characterization. At ST Instruments we provide a complementary range of surface measurement equipment to accelerate your research in this field.

Measuring Super Smooth Surfaces

Exploiting the potentialof 3D optical profilometry


PCB characterization

Enhancing PCB quality control with Sensofar’s 3D Metrology Solutions


Characterization of micro-channels

fabricated with laser for microfluidic applications


New Material Observation Method by SEM

using Ultra Variable-pressure Detecotr (UVD)


Scratch resistance of chemically strengthened glass

using Universal Scratch Tester (UST-2)

Geometric measurement of the ceramic layers

made by the robocasting technique

Tapping Torque Tester

Evaluation of metal working fluid and lubricant formulations

Low Friction Measurements

with Nano Tribometer Module

Electrical Conductivity Measurement of Carbon Nanotubes Film

Conductive Probe Atomic Force Microscopy

Segregation of impurities in ductile iron

Scanning Auger spectroscopy combined with in-situ facture analysis

Overcome charge-up effects in SEMs

during non-conductive specimen observation with Hitachi’s UVD

Linear Sliding Tribometer 

with Inline 3D Imaging