2 in 1 Fluorescence and Absorbance Spectrometer: How does it work?


Duetta™ is a 2-in-1 fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer from HORIBA Scientific. There are several benefits of having two different spectroscopies in one instrument. For high concentration solutions of interest, both primary and secondary inner-filter effects will affect the fluorescence spectrum measured on a standard fluorometer. Having absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy on the same instrument enables Duetta and EzSpec software to apply corrections for inner-filter effect and provide more accurate data, for a wider range of sample concentrations. Another benefit of the two in one instrument is that absorbance results and fluorescence results contain less error since the sample does not move from one instrument to another to get both measurements. Standard fluorescence methods such as Emission spectrum and Excitation Spectrum are available on Duetta, but EzSpec software gives a user the ability to measure the Absorbance Spectrum as a stand-alone method or simultaneously as any fluorescence method, making Duetta a unique 2-in-1 spectroscopy tool.


Fluorescence Emission Spectrum: Exciting a molecule (or population of molecules) with a single wavelength of excitation energy and the spectrum at longer wavelengths is acquired to measure the distribution of intensity and energy (wavelength) of the photons emitted.

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