Vista 200

The Vista 200 is the next generation AFM-IR instrument, combining AFM with IR (AFM-IR) spectroscopy to provide IR spectral imaging with unprecedented sub-5 nm spatial resolution. Building on the patented photo-induced force microscopy (PiFM) technology of the Vista One, the Vista 75 is the latest instrument from Molecular Vista’s proven AFM-IR line-up. Reliable and repeatable measurements in the sub 5-nm region provide a nano-FTIR spectrum in less than a second, comparable to regular FTIR spectra in your usual FTIR database. Now available in the 8”/200mm sample size version.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦  Robust and easy nanoscale chemical imaging and spectroscopy

♦  Nanoscale chemical mapping of inorganics and biomolecules based

    on their IR vibrational modes

♦  High surface sensitive technique (20 nm)


♦   Nanoscale infrared imaging of zeolites using photoinduced force     


♦   A low cost and high performance polymer donor material for

     polymer solar cells

♦    Photoinduced force mapping of plasmonic nanostructures

About Molecular Vista

Molecular Vista designs, develops, and provides tools that allow its customers to probe and understand matter at the molecular level through quantitative visualization. Molecular Vista was founded by two industry veterans, Prof. Kumar Wickramasinghe (UC Irvine and formerly with IBM Research) and Dr. Sung Park (co-founder of Park Scientific Instruments).

Why Molecular Vista?

♦   Patented photo-induced force microscopy


♦   AFM-IR with the highest spatial resolution

♦   hyPIR™ Imaging

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