The nano-TOF 3 is a TOF-SIMS instrument for elemental, chemical and molecular imaging. The mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity, low spectral background, and the exclusive ability to image highly topographic surfaces. Applications like material development and failure analysis can be well addressed. A stand-out feature is the patented TRIFT analyzer that simultaneously achieves high mass resolution and extreme sensitivity.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Superior TRIFT Analyzer Performance

♦   HR² Imaging

♦   Parallel Imaging MS/MS


♦   3D Imaging of a Pharmaceutical Coating Using TOF-SIMS

♦   Additive Identification Using MS/MS

♦   3D Characterization of a PS P2VP Block Copolymer

About Physical Electronics

Since 1969, Physical Electronics (PHI) has been providing UHV surface analysis instrumentation, which is used for research and development of advanced materials. What started with a sole focus on Auger surface analysis instruments, later expanded to technologies like XPS and TOF-SIMS to address a growing range of applications.

Why Physical Electronics?

♦   Unique tools

♦   Helps enabling next generation technologies

♦   More than decades of experience

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