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VMP-3e potentiostat

VMP-3e potentiostat

The VMP-3e potentiostat is an electrochemical workstation with up to 16  individual channels. With the EIS capabilities, EC-lab software and LAN connectivity, the VMP-3e is a true benchmark electrochemical workstation. For EIS measurements, the VMP-3e has 1 MHz specification with the possibility of using the Biologic Quality Indicators. These quality indicators enables scientist to quickly validate the EIS measurements.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Ethernet connection,  multi user-friendly

♦   Powered by EC-lab software

♦   EIS Quality Indicators


♦   Energy

♦   Battery research

♦   Electrocatalysis

About BioLogic

Since 1983, Bio-Logic offers research laboratory instruments for electrochemistry, battery testing, fuel cell and material testing. Its extensive product range is based on a modular and flexible design to address a wide variety of electrochemical applications.

Why BioLogic?

♦   A unique and complete product range

♦   Modular systems

♦   Controlled by a powerful suite of software

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