NanoETCHSoft etching system for graphene and 2D materials

The nanoETCH implements Moorfield’s unique soft-etching technology and provides the fine etching control crucial for graphene and 2D materials research in a convenient, benchtop package. As a result, and in contrast to conventional etching solutions, the tool enables high-performance for key applications in graphene and 2D materials. As standard, the system is suitable for accepting substrates up to 3″ diameter. A turbomolecular pumping system enables contamination-free operation. Substrates rest on a purpose-designed stage, and power is supplied from an RF unit engineered to allow for fine control at low powers. Together with carefully modelled in-chamber RF acoustics, this provides the tool with its unique capabilities.

soft plasma etching

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Graphene and 2D material soft etching

♦   Precision RF powers < 30W

♦   Up to 3 MFC-controlled process gases                                                                                   


♦   Substrate preparation for flake exfoliation: Large-area flakes through surface conditioning

♦  Clean material patterning: Graphene removal without resist residues

 ♦  Defect engineering: Creating defects in graphene layer

About Moorfield

Since 1989, Moorfield has specialized itself in vacuum deposition equipment (PVD/CVD) for pilot-scale industrial production and high-end educational institutions. Their system designs involve extensive modularity which results in flexible solutions. The product range, which consists of different functionalities, is sized for deposition of metals, inorganics and organics.


Why Moorfield?

♦   Excellence in vacuum technology since 1989

♦   Laboratory equipment to match your research


♦   Multiple platforms and infinite options

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