NeoScan N60

Compact, cost affordable micro-CT scanner. Using a X-ray source up to 65 kV the NeoScan N60 is covering a wide range of applications like polymer, geological, pharmaceutical, bone, dental and small electronic devices. The spatial resolution of this instrument is suitable for most day to day applications. The large format camera with a full field-of-view of 13/22mm doesn’t compromise the resolution.

Neoscan N60

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   X-ray source up to 65 kV

♦   Spatial resolution of 8 µm

♦   Pixel size 3.8µ in full field of view


♦   Tablet

♦   Bone 

♦   Electronics

About NeoScan

The mission at NeoScan is to provide scientists with the instruments for 3D non destructive microscopy with superior performance, reliable results and a pleasant usage for inspiring new discoveries. NeoScan is created by Alexander Sasov, designer of microCT instruments installed in more than 1300 scientific laboratories around the world.

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Why NeoScan?

♦   Superior performance equipment

♦   Developed by an opinion leader in the field

♦   Young ambitious company

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