UltraTom is an open and flexible system which is ideal for academic research and for industrial R&D applications.  Hosted in a large bunker integrated inside your facility, UltraTom can be tailored to each test requirement.

RX Solution micro CT UlraTom

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦ Highly modular system

♦ Ultimate resolution of 350 nm

♦ Very large inspection volume with 7 mechanical axes


♦   Electronics

♦   Additive manufacturing

♦   Material analysis

About RX Solutions

RX Solutions is a highly innovative French company specialized in manufacturing and selling complete X-ray imaging systems. RX Solutions X-ray and CT (Computed Tomography) systems are widely used for industrial and research applications as well as recognized for their high precision and innovative technology.

Why RX Solutions?

♦   Innovation is the core of the company

♦   Working in close collaboration with customers to ensure highest level of performance

♦   Advice and support goes beyond the signature of an agreement

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