Surface Measurements

White light interferometry

White light interferometry is used for non-invasive measurement of micro- and nano-geometries. ST Instruments offers various optical 3D microscopes including interferometers from Sensofar. Their unique optical 3D microscopes combine multiple optical techniques (confocal and interferometry) in the same sensorhead and without any moving parts.  Contact us if you would like to learn more about optical 3D microscopy or other complementary surface analysis techniques.

White light interferometry for dimensional surface measurements

The non-contact optical method white light interferometry is used for surface topography measurement. Depending on the field or application, the structure, waviness and roughness contributions of surfaces might be of relevance for the functionality of a product. Optical 3D microscopes are used for surface dimensional measurements of micro- and nanoscale features. ST Instruments provides the most common optical techniques available (confocal, interferometry and focus variation) to cover any need for the evaluation of your surface.

New technologies or analysis

Improving your measurement capabilities but not convinced which technique works best? We like to help you investigate new technologies and choosing the best analysis tool. We are able to advice you about the available solutions. We can perform in-house test measurements or offer contract research and analysis. Do you like to know more about white light interferometry or other non-contact optical techniques? Our employees can help you further. Call +31-(0)184-640000 and you will get the advice you need.