Aqualog – A-TEEM Industrial QC/QA Analyzer

A Simple, Fast, “Column Free” Molecular Fingerprinting Technology

A-TEEM™ Molecular Fingerprinting is a new optical technique that is ideal for comprehensive component analysis in a variety QC/QA applications, from water to wine to pharmaceuticals and more. It is a simple, fast, “column free” spectroscopic technique that simultaneously measures the absorbance, transmission and fluorescence of samples in solution, and offers unique benefits over traditional analytical techniques, such as chromatography, mass spec, IR, etc.. Fundamentally, this technique is best applied to samples in solution that have fluorescing components, like an aromatic molecule, although it also detects non-fluorescing species via absorbance. The fluorescence EEM fingerprint technique has also been applied to solids and skin. Fluorescence is a highly sensitive technique compared to other spectroscopic techniques such as absorbance, FTIR and Raman, and the three-dimensional nature of the data provides for a better foundation for complex component analysis.

A-TEEM spectroscopy refers to the ability to simultaneously acquire Absorbance, Transmittance and a fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrix (A-TEEM) of a particular sample.

The A-TEEM technique requires no sample preparation, beyond possibly a simple dilution, and the cost and ease of use of an A-TEEM spectrometer allows it to be used both in the research lab as well as at-line or in-line in a production process. It’s a simpler, faster, and cheaper column-free chromatography technique for fluorescence components in solution. A-TEEM has taken fluorescence spectroscopy beyond the research lab and into the analytical industrial QC/QA environment.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Compact optical spectrometer based on simultaneous A-TEEM spectroscopy

♦   A column free chromatograph that is much faster and easier to operate than traditional analytical techniques

♦   Provides inter and intra-lab comparability with NIST traceable corrected spectra


♦   Biopharma

♦   Pharmaceuticals

♦   Industrial

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