Steady State and Lifetime Nanotechnology EEM Spectrofluorometer

Our modular Nanolog Spectrofluorometer is specifically designed for research in nanotechnology and nanomaterials

The Nanolog® series of spectrofluorometers are specifically designed for research in nanotechnology and the frontiers of nanomaterials. A complete spectrum can be scanned as fast as a few milliseconds, and a full excitation emission matrix scan can be taken in just seconds.

Based on the world-wide proven technology of the Fluorolog®, the Nanolog detects fluorescence in the near-IR from 800 to 1700 nm (optional multi-channel detection to 2 µm, single-channel detection to 3 µm), with visible and UV options possible. With the Nanolog comes specially designed software called Nanosizer, ideal for classifying SWNTs, Quantum Dots and performing energy transfer calculations. Saving custom experimental routines and instrument layouts has never been easier.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Rapid excitation-emission matrices in seconds

♦   High sensitivity in near-IR with InGaAs array

♦   High resolution


♦   Nanomaterials

♦   Nanotechnology

♦   Photoluminescence

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