The PHI Genesis is the latest development in multi-technique XPS with PHI’s patented, micro-focused scanning X-ray source. The system offers full automation and auto-tuning and calibration for ease of use. The multiple parking positions assures high throughput.

The multi-technique platform of the PHI Genesis offers optional X-ray sources, sputter ion sources, and sample treatment and transfer capabilities. With these features you can study all advanced materials and support your problem-solving needs.

The PHI Genesis offers small area down to 5 µ and high sensitivity and throughput for large area. The optional hard X-ray Cr source is unique and offers high-throughput non-destructive depth profiling.
The instrument is equipped with an auxiliary port to be fully customizable to address all analytical need.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Easy Operation & Multi-technique options

♦   Fully Automated with Sample Parking

♦   High-Performance Large & Micro Area XPS Analysis


♦   Semiconductors

♦   Batteries

♦   Bio- and life-science materials

About Physical Electronics

Since 1969, Physical Electronics (PHI) has been providing UHV surface analysis instrumentation, which is used for research and development of advanced materials. What started with a sole focus on Auger surface analysis instruments, later expanded to technologies like XPS and TOF-SIMS to address a growing range of applications.

Why Physical Electronics?

♦   Unique tools

♦   Helps enabling next generation technologies

♦   More than decades of experience

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