VSP-3e potentiostat

The VSP-3e potentiostat is an eight channel potentiostat, purpose-built for researchers and R&D scientists in the energy research. With its 1A (upgradable up to 800A), Ethernet/LAN connection, built-in EIS and “modify-on-the-fly” capabilities, the VSP-3e potentiostat is very well suited for battery research applications.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Ethernet connection, multi user-friendly

♦   Powered by EC-lab software

♦   EIS Quality Indicators


♦   Energy

♦   Battery research

♦   Electrocatalysis

About BioLogic

Since 1983, BioLogic offers research laboratory instruments for electrochemistry, battery testing, fuel cell and material testing. Its extensive product range is based on a modular and flexible design to address a wide variety of electrochemical applications.

Why BioLogic?

♦   A unique and complete product range

♦   Modular systems

♦   Controlled by a powerful suite of software

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