Surface Materials Tester SMT-5000

The SMT Instruments are the first answer to the increasingly complex testing requirements for surfaces across many industries– from liquid to ultra hard solid materials. SMT series provides a combination of multiple investigative techniques to measure surfaces on one platform. For example, with one run, a combination of coating adhesion, hardness, thickness, surface roughness, and 3D image data come together for a conclusive comprehensive analysis.

The SMT instruments come standard with a control software and a data analysis software. This allows the user to continue to run the instrument while analyzing data from previous tests.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Instrumented indentation testing according to several ISO and ASTM standards

♦   Scratch testing, wear testing, in-line 3D profilometer

♦   Motorized XY stage and automated Z-approach

ICON-key-features-greyRelated Applications

♦   Automotive (paint, varnish, polymers, hard coatings,..) 

♦   Semiconductor (thin films, low-K films, passivation layers,..)

♦   Biomaterials (implants, stents, tissues, tablets, artificial joints,…)                               

About Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced mechanical, surface testing and measurement solutions for research and industrial applications. We share a philosophy that embraces collaboration and partnering with customers and other leaders in academia and industry to ensure our products

answer real needs with innovative solutions.

Why Rtec Instruments?

♦   Upgradeable and modular platform 

♦   Open access software for customized tests and        programming

♦   Unique patented technologies

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