Neoscan and ST Instruments sign distribution partnership for the Benelux and Nordic countries


Groot-Ammers  | April 14, 2020

ST Instruments is excited to announce its partnership with Neoscan for the distribution of their X-ray Micro CT scanners. It is really a unique opportunity to partner with this new company which builds on 40 years of experience developing, designing and producing Micro CT scanners. NeoScan is created by Alexander Sasov, designer of micro CT instruments and founder of Skyscan which installed instruments in more than 1300 scientific laboratories around the world.

X-ray Micro CT is a 3D nondestructive microscopy technique for realistic 3D visualization of the external and internal microarchitecture of your scanned object. Neoscan is entering the market with two types of micro CT scanners, the N60 and N80. Both systems are complete new designs with superior performance, reliable results and a pleasant usage for inspiring new discoveries. The N60 is an inexpensive compact Micro CT scanner with an x-ray source up to 65kV. The Neoscan N80 is a scientific grade, high-resolution Micro CT scanner using an 110kV source and providing 15 x better 3D resolution compared to Micro CT scanners with 5um source spot size.

We have high expectation of the x-ray microtomographs from Neoscan. Their knowledge, experience and drive will create value for customers using this type of technologies, says Ries de Leeuw, co-founder of ST Instruments. We are delighted to include micro CT into our complementary portfolio of surface characterization techniques and are looking forward to get in touch with researchers using this instrumentation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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