NEW PARTNERSHIP | RX SOLUTIONS – X-Ray Radioscopy & Computed Tomography (CT) systems

Groot-Ammers  | March 15, 2021

At ST Instruments we are proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with RX SOLUTIONS for the sales and service of their high-end industrial X-Ray Radioscopy & Computed Tomography (CT) systems in the Benelux and Nordic countries. 

X-ray technology is the best way to get a fast, non-destructive and accurate examination of the internal and external structures of your components. RX Solutions offers 3D x-ray microscopes solutions with resolution down to sub-micron level, covering both industrial and academic applications. Our CT systems portfolio covers a large scale of analysis, from Micro focus (4 µm) to Nano focus (0.35 µm) depending on the application.


RX Solutions
RX Solutions (based in Chavanod, France) systems are widely used for industrial and research applications as well as recognized for their high precision and innovative technology. Whether for quality control, examination of a component or solving design problems, customers are both manufacturers from all sectors or laboratories and research centers.

ST Instruments B.V.
ST Instruments carries a complementary range of products, covering every aspect of surface analysis. This allows us to offer our customers a single purpose solution or an integrated solution for a multidisciplinary approach. Our extensive product range combined with our excellent level of service makes us your trusted partner for surface analysis technology.

We are confident that RX Solutions high-end solutions and ST Instruments exceptional customer service & thorough understanding of the market are a combination that will be very successful in the years to come. 

If you would like to know more about RX Solutions MicroCT & NanoCT solutions; please do not hesitate to contact us at or contact us at +31 (0)184 640000.

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