S mart

S mart

The S mart is used for inline metrology solutions and is designed to be integrated into production systems and to withstand harsh environments. The system combines confocal, interferometry and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head. Especially in-line process measurement is suited, as are process control tasks. Key features are its compactness, the flexible mounting options and the light weighted structure of the system.

S mart

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Robust, rugged and reliable

♦   Confocal, interferometry and focus variation

♦   Inline metrology


♦   Materials Science

♦   Micromanufacturing

♦   Microelectronics

About Sensofar

Sensofar Group is a multi-national company whose mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-end metrology tools. The Group also provides consultancy within the field of metrology, and pursues a philosophy of guaranteeing advanced techniques, high quality and customer services.

Why Sensofar?

♦   Multiple technologies in one system

♦   R&D as a goal

♦   Operates at the highest quality standards

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