Pandora – Lab-scale ALD tool

The Forge Nano Pandora Lab-Scale ALD System is specifically designed for deposition of ALD films on powders. With multiple configurations and customizable options, the Pandora system can be used to uniformly coat powders for many different applications. The desktop design of the Pandora makes Particle Atomic Layer Deposition (PALD) faster, more affordable and more efficient. Forge Nano can help you scale, and industrialize your application through our exclusive Commercialization Program.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   Up to 6 inlet ports for gas and precursors

♦   Intuitive interface with recipe builder

♦   Real-time pressure and temperature feedback


♦   Catalysis

♦   Battery and energy materials

♦   Corrosion protection

About Forge Nano

Global leaders in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using Atomic Layer Deposition. Forge Nano’s proprietary technology and manufacturing processes make angstrom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries.

Why Forge Nano?

♦  Tools purpose built for performance, efficiency and throughput

♦  From lab scale to commercial scale

♦  In-house R&D department for system optimization

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