NeoScan N70

The NeoScan N70 is a Micro-CT scanner with ultimate performance to price ratio. NeoScan microCT systems are supplied with an in-house developed all-in-one software tool for intuitive scanner control and processing data. From acquisition of a full series of 2D projection images, reconstruction into a 3D volume, to visualization and inspection of this volume in 2D and 3D, the software bundles all complementary steps from sample to results. The Neoscan software packages includes an intuitive user interface, which will guide you through your straightforward workflow, allowing to use it instantly. All final and intermediate results are stored in conventional file formats and can be imported to any other software.

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦  2.5 um minimal pixel size

♦   Fits objects up to 100 mm diameter and 220 mm length

♦  <5 um low contrast resolution


♦   Geology, Shale

♦   Bone analysis

♦   Electronics

About NeoScan

The mission at NeoScan is to provide scientists with the instruments for 3D non destructive microscopy with superior performance, reliable results and a pleasant usage for inspiring new discoveries. NeoScan is created by Alexander Sasov, designer of microCT instruments installed in more than 1300 scientific laboratories around the world.

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Why NeoScan?

♦   Superior performance equipment

♦   Developed by an opinion leader in the field

♦   Young ambitious company

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