NeoScan N80

The NeoScan N80 is a scientific grade, high resolution micro-CT scanner. Using a X-ray source up to 110 kV this instrument is covering a wide range of applications like geology, composites, electronics, pharmaceutical, bone, dental, and many more. Sub-micron details are detectable due to the phase-contrast enhancement and the low contrast resolution is 2 µm, which is 15x better than microCT instrumentation using a 5 µm spot size.

X-Ray Micro-CT

ICON-key-features-greyKey Features and Benefits

♦   X-ray source up to 110 kV

♦   Fits objects up to 100 mm diameter and 200 mm length

♦   15x better 3D resolution compared to sources with 5µm spot size


♦   Geology, Shale

♦   Bone analysis

♦   Electronics

About NeoScan

The mission at NeoScan is to provide scientists with the instruments for 3D non destructive microscopy with superior performance, reliable results and a pleasant usage for inspiring new discoveries. NeoScan is created by Alexander Sasov, designer of microCT instruments installed in more than 1300 scientific laboratories around the world.

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Why NeoScan?

♦   Superior performance equipment

♦   Developed by an opinion leader in the field

♦   Young ambitious company

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